I am a playful spirit, compelled to fix. See a lopsided picture on the wall; I MUST straighten. I have the patience for minutiae, and am not afraid to use it. A typical perfectionist, you might think. And yes, I colored in the lines as a girl. Some may call it OCD, but I call it making things pretty:  cooking, baking, styling food, giving teddy bears hair lifts, arranging greenery and adjusting ribbons for the camera.

Keeping cool and happy under pressure are strengths of mine, learned in culinary school, but honed on photo sets. Through all of the multitasking styling requires, I provide unrelenting energy, and an industrious work ethic. I try really hard to make the work day fun for everyone involved. I believe strongly that other people's opinions matter, and that the most successful day is one when the team has fun while accomplishing our tasks.  I love sharing the world's abundant, natural, organic beauty, just in a perfectly controlled way!  "Move that truffle camera left. Now down a little. A hair to the right. Wait. Split the difference." Now that is perfect!



I have sweated in restaurant kitchens, developed flavors in labs and donned hairnets in food manufacturing facilities. In short, I understand food. Had I known about food styling earlier,  I would have gone directly into that field. Alas, I wanted to be a chef, so earned related degrees then went to culinary school: Food Biochemistry and Studio Art degrees from University of California, at Davis, and a Culinary Arts degree from the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY. 

In my previous life I applied my science degree as an Applications Chef at a small family owned flavor company. Then I wrote an article with accompanying recipes for Pastry Art and Design magazine. The art director needed a stylist; I obliged. I've been playing with my food professionally ever since.


What I Do

I style for packaging, point of sales assets, websites, print ads, trade show booths, cookbooks, magazines, social media and more. 

When not on set, I develop and test recipes, share my food knowledge through teaching, writing and social media, or dance with my very active, very cute pooch.


Zenta in Yard  - 17