Conscious of challenges and deadlines faced by food industry professionals, I maintain a picture of the whole pie while working on my slice.

I sweated in restaurant kitchens, developed flavors in labs, donned hairnets in manufacturing plants, and primped on photo sets. In short, I understand food. It is exactly this diverse background that informs my work habits today. 


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Social Media

Let me guide you through the Social Media Marketing maze. I'll help you find your brand's personality, discover your priorities, and create a custom content calendar that enables you to reach your high-value markets.

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Food Styling

Allow my professional yet artistic eye to capture your imagination for the camera. Whether you need assets for packaging, point of sales, cookbooks, websites, social media, or large scale applications, I creatively tell your story with your product.

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Content creation

Other services include, recipe testing and development, product testing, culinary ideation,  food writing, videos and more. Together, we discover your voice, what content best serves you and your customers, then I create  and deliver it on time.